Proprint Group joins Prepworld & the National Fruit Show to support kindness revolution…

"A Thousand Hours" is a social project to encourage volunteering in the local community.

The aim is to collect volunteer hours. The motivation behind the initiative is to unite to contribute acts of kindness, which can make a BIG difference locally.

Consequently, in October 2017, the project hopes to hit a target of 5000 hours!

With the help of ProPrint Group, Prepworld and the National Fruit Show created a charity fruit pot. The pot of prepared apples grapes and pears was a ‘one off’ production, run on Friday 27th October.

Prepworld delivered the final labelled products to the Thousand Hours team so that their volunteers could distribute them to homeless shelters, old people’s homes, schools, GP surgeries and flu clinics as part of the kindness revolution.

As a result, this idea eliminated fruit waste from the National Fruit show, and people who wouldn’t normally be able to afford a fruity snack got one for free!

ProPrint is really pleased to work with Prepworld to support this worthy initiative.

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