Saucy Affair labels launching at Sainsburys

We love labelling exciting new products, just like this vibrant range printed for The Saucy Affair...

Many of us at ProPrint are busy working mums and dads, so we strongly identify with the message from Tanya, the Saucy Affair Founder.
She believes that cooking from scratch needn’t be time consuming, it should be fun, and above all, healthy!

The Saucy Affair offers 6 delicious flavours, all made from natural raw ingredients. Its quite well-known that sauces can often contain excess salts and sugars. However, these raw sauces are cleverly formulated and processed to be both healthy and delicious.  They have even had the seal of approval from several of the ProPrint team kids!

Our label brief…

The Saucy Affair is a completely new, disruptive and eye-catching brand. It was crucial that the best colour and highest quality label printing possible reinforce this. The final labels needed to be bright, bold sharp and durable.

ProPrint Group manufactured initial label volumes using our Graphium Digital Flexo Hybrid Inkjet press. This press ensured enhanced ink durability, scratch-ability, as well as excellent ink coverage. Digital label printing also meant we could consolidate the Saucy Affair flavours into 1 print run, combining front, back and neck labels.

As a result, printing was faster, more efficient and more economical.

Fit for purpose…

The biggest challenge was to ensure the printed labels could withstand a unique high-pressure pasteurisation process (HPP). This process enables the sauces to extend their shelf life as well as retain their vitamins and minerals.

ProPrint Group attended production trials to ensure that the bottle labelling and neck labelling were fit for purpose.  Moisture resilience was of course top of the list for these labels. We had to consider that the sauces are also developed to keep frozen for 3 months if required!

Our team advised on materials and adhesive that would achieve a quality, long-lasting result without breaking the budget.

Speed to market…

Our speciality on this project, as with many others, was that we achieved a second to none print lead-time. 

Initial brief to final label delivery for the first labels we produced  (including pre-production trial) took an astonishing 7 working days!

We don’t believe in rushing label printing or compromising on quality in any way. Nevertheless, we do appreciate that our customers are juggling lots of variables.

At ProPrint Group we know that sometimes to achieve a goal or make a difference, it is necessary to execute extremely tight timelines.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a fast service whilst delivering quality labelling and packaging. The customer feedback we receive as a result is completely fulfilling.

Supporting growth…

As a retailer-approved printer with AA rated BRC certification, we’ve easily supported the Saucy Affair UK Launch into Sainsbury’s.

The Saucy Affair sauces have now moved from using digitally printed labels to flexographic labels. Flexography is a print process more suitable and cost-effective for higher volumes.

ProPrint Group carefully managed this transition. This includes advising when to switch print process, keeping brand colours consistent, as well as ensuring continued durability.

We are really looking forward to watching this brand expand further with our print advice and support.

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To find out more about The Saucy Revolution, visit the Saucy Affair website.