We've taken a look at what each of the main 3 UK political parties have written in their manifestos...

Tomorrow on the 12th December 2019, we will make our way to the polling stations to place our votes in the UK general election. It follows weeks of strong debates, claims and at times, fairly bitter discussions amongst the parties.

At ProPrint, we believe that everyone's opinion is worth listening to. Opinions should be heard in an environment where debate is healthy and a means to make overall improvements for the benefit of all

So what have the main 3 UK parties promised?

Scroll through the manifesto excerpts below.
These outline each of the 3 main political party's plans for packaging and the environment.

Our View

No matter which party you are thinking of voting for, it is interesting to see what has been promised with regards to packaging, recyclability, sustainability and the environment.

More than ever before, people are taking a keen interest in packaging and it's impact on the world around us. ProPrint enquiries received within the last year have definitely included a much higher interest in sustainable options. This includes options to eliminate plastic as well as biodegradable or compostable alternatives.
We've even explored the use of materials containing plant seeds!

Its an exciting and fulfilling time for printing, packaging and labelling companies. We enjoy finding ways to innovate to really make a difference to our planet. As a printer, we can't simply list sustainable options for packaging and labels. We also need to find a way to make those solutions cost effective for our customers within the retail market to make them a truly workable option.

Sharing Knowledge

Educating our customers (and therefore end consumers) on solutions that really make a difference is extremely important. If packaging components are mixed incorrectly, they will ultimately end up in landfill. This is because its not clear and easy for consumers to know what to do with them. If this happens, all effort (not to mention money) is wasted.

For example, applying an expensive compostable label onto a plastic bottle wouldn't add much benefit. The end user would have to actively remove the label for composting - and the likelihood of this is unfortunately low. Solutions need to be as easy and convenient as possible. Consumers also often aren't aware of the difference between Industrial Composting and Home Composting for instance.

We think it is wrong to sell packaging products to customers simply to tick a box.
There must be a clear end benefit for any additional cost incurred.

Food waste should also be a huge concern. Food waste can be completely forgotten when focus shifts to elimination of plastic or changes to packaging materials. Kerbside recycling facilities are key, and the party who wins the election tomorrow will have plenty of work ahead to improve this.

It is so important for all stakeholders to work together to achieve a holistic, complete process view. Working together to find the answers is what really ensures the best for our environment when we develop packaging solutions.