ProPrint Group are speeding up Linerless Labelling with the installation of Martin Automatic rewinding and splicing equipment.

Our new Linerless investment with Martin Automatic - more capacity and even more efficient label printing...

Despite the recent challenges of Covid-19, the need for more sustainable and efficient packaging will continue. The huge benefits of Linerless labels are unmissable, and continue to be crucial for our customers...


Linerless Labels eliminate the use of silicone liner which ends up in landfill, reducing damage to our planet.


Linerless Labels accelerate and simplify the packing process for our customers.
Producers benefit from energy efficiencies, floor space efficiencies and staff efficiencies.

The global Linerless label market is set to grow by $1 billion by 2027, with a projected CAGR of 5%.

ProPrint Group are constantly investing in new equipment to maximise production. We aim to keep ahead of the curve to provide the best Linerless labels and service for our customers.

Directors - Nigel Tollman & James Denny

"Our continued focus on improving service levels and cutting down on waste, raw materials and time, means we are always looking at ways to streamline and improve our efficiencies. After seeing Martin Automatic being demonstrated at LabelExpo last year, it was clear that this addition to our linerless division would give us the edge we needed. At ProPrint we believe in spending time ensuring we have the right supplier partners, partners we can work together with to make sure our business is always evolving and improving. The team at Martin Automatic were helpful, supportive and worked hard for us. In the short time since the machinery installation, we have found it easy to use, reliable and very efficient. It has saved hours in downtime per shift and has cut down on make ready waste between jobs. We are very happy with this advancement."

About our latest machinery...

MBS Automatic Butt Splicer

This machine prevents the need to stop and start due to manual roll changes carried out by ProPrint Group staff. Consequently, the equipment fully mechanises roll changes and carefully controls all variables electronically.

Martin Automatic Butt Splicer purchase by ProPrint Group

This machine automatically shears and tapes the existing and new web together.  The existing roll reaches a specified diameter - prompting the splicing process.

A precision shear wheel gives accurate cutting, with no overlap. Also, the unit simultaneously irons tape across the splice, giving a tight reliable bond.

Further automated features include built-in web tension control as well as automatic web alignment with ultrasonic sensor.

LRD Automatic Transfer Rewind

The LRD handles the rolls at the end of the press. It successively rewinds, changes and unloads full roles automatically without stopping. As a result, operator intervention is minimised and accuracy is controlled.

The linerless printing process can continue through roll changes without interruption.  On account of this, all print runs can operate with zero disruption and of course, this is of particular benefit for larger volumes.

ProPrint Group can get jobs completed even more quickly and accurately because there is less down-time.

Unlike a conventional turret, this machine also has a short transition between winding positions, thus reducing the potential for web movement or changes in tension.

The operator monitors every roll change, with the fully printed reels systematically unloaded ready for packing and delivery to the customer.

ProPrint Group Linerless Kit, LRD Automatic Transer Rewind

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