The new plastic free Pro-Produce Pack

Iceland launches ProPrint Group Linerless pack to help eliminate plastic...

The new plastic free linerless Pro-Produce pack by ProPrint Group

ProPrint Group have joined with Iceland, Keelings and Ravenwood Packaging to launch a new plastic free solution to support the retailer’s commendable mission to eliminate plastic throughout their stores by 2023.

Packs using linerless technology for Conference pears have just been launched and have arrived in preliminary stores this week. The packaging will eliminate around 15 tonnes of plastic per year on this pack alone – a massive reduction in plastic/film going to landfill.

Stuart Lendrum, Head of Packaging at Iceland commented on the pack:

"This is an exciting and innovative new pack format that delivers more plastic free packaging for our customers. The hard work and commitment of everyone involved has delivered this step forward in moving away from plastic with solutions that work for shoppers and the supply chain.”

Carton-board for Fresh Produce...

The practicalities of using carton-board packaging for fruit and vegetables has made the packing process much less convenient for pack-houses. That process has until now, been far less automated than for film, ultimately resulting in slower production and added labour. At the outset of looking at this format it was clear that a like for like alternative for flow wrap had to be a key driver.

ProPrint Group invested in Linerless labelling in early 2019, with the knowledge of the huge scope for sustainable innovation that Linerless machinery would bring.

In collaboration with experts Ravenwood Packaging who have over 1200 applicator installations in the UK, this pack delivers a market leading packaging solution. 

What makes the Pro-Produce linerless pack a suitable solution?


The Pro-Produce pack can be recycled at the kerbside like any other cardboard packaging. The material is easily recognisable as recyclable, and as such can quickly be put straight into the relevant recycling bin at home.

Packing Speed

Produce can be packed using a highly automated packing process that can run at equivalent speeds to flow wrap, ensuring efficiencies for growers. It is also less wasteful than other carton-board packing processes.

Pack Copy

The pack retains plenty of surface area for product information, branding whilst offering a die cut solution to view fruit within the pack.

Date Code Inline

Date coding can be applied inline during the packing process using Ravenwood's application solution.

Packing Flexibility

This pack format and application machinery provide the ability to pack high and low volumes with quick change over of lid designs.

Pack Presentation

The linerless Pro-Produce pack is fully customisable, and offers a premium look and feel pack format.


ProPrint Group & Ravenwood Packaging collaborate to ensure seamless application and are established private UK businesses.


The Pro-Produce concept is suitable for many applications for a wide range of produce across the U.K.

Graham Bonus, Sales Director at ProPrint Group explains more:

“It is a hugely exciting and fulfilling opportunity to be able to make a real difference for packaging sustainability within Fresh Produce, our largest customer base. Linerless Labelling has been around since 2004, and Ravenwood are experts in their field. We have already enjoyed joining them to produce Linerless labels in standard formats for a variety of sectors. However, from the outset of our foray into Linerless labelling, we were always extremely keen to explore the further potential for application of Linerless in new formats, particularly for our Fresh Produce clients and UK retailers. Iceland have been leading the way to find solutions around plastic, so working with Stuart Lendrum, the Iceland team and Keelings to get this innovative product to market quickly has been refreshing. With our supportive customer base, the excellent knowledge of former MPH Labels Manager Andy Clark, as well as Ravenwood’s production testing and expertise, we knew we could provide an exciting solution for Iceland. We have combined skills from all stakeholders to research, design and test new formats and applications. As ever, it’s all about having a passion and drive to solve the problem, the team effort, sharing knowledge and working together. This pack could deliver a face changing look and feel for the retail Fresh Produce sector.”

For further information on this packaging format, enquire here.