Brexit preparation - helping our customers get ready for 1st Jan 2021...

The UK has now left the EU and the transition period is ending soon. From 1st Jan 2021, new legal requirements will be in place for businesses, so ProPrint Group have made preparations to eliminate any possible disruption for customers.

Brexit will also incur legal changes to labelling and packaging information requirements, so we've taken a closer look at what those changes are and what this will mean for the companies we work with.

Firstly, for products sold in Great Britain, food producers don't need to panic.

Following the legal change to labelling and packaging requirements on 1st Jan, there will be a transition period of 21 months. Therefore, labelling information not up to date with new legislation will only become unlawful after September 2022. This will give businesses the chance to deplete existing label and packaging stocks they already hold. Of course, this is excellent news for businesses but also for the planet.

Nevertheless, the government is encouraging food producers to make their label and packaging changes as soon as possible. ProPrint Group are already working on labelling and packaging artwork updates for some of the UK retailers. Making artwork changes now will certainly ensure a seamless transition later.

To quote the old adage...Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance (we won't include all the P's on this article!)

Making sure ProPrint Group is Brexit ready...

We have been constantly reviewing our business inline with ongoing developments. ProPrint Group processes have been adapted to take government directives into account. Some of the changes we have undertaken are listed below:

Legislative Changes

We are making changes to ensure full legal compliance of product specifications for the packaging and labels we print.


Our quality team monitor and request updates from our key suppliers to ensure they have robust action plans in place to maintain supply.


ProPrint Group suppliers have identified any possible import complications. Some items have now have an altered route into the UK to alleviate foreseen issues.

Raw Materials

ProPrint Group raw material specifications are being updated. This ensures they are inline with the new legislation.

Stock Holding

Some key suppliers have increased their UK stock holdings of the key raw materials we need. This will ensure continuity of supply.

Our Team

As a responsible employer, ProPrint Group have checked that all our non-UK employees meet legislative requirements to continue working.

Helping our customers get Brexit ready...

The team are already in the process of updating labelling and packaging artwork to ensure new labelling information requirements are met. For customers who need support in making minor text changes to artwork, our studio can make changes in-house. Updated artwork is sent for approval to the relevant stakeholders before going to print.

Our account management team are managing the labelling information transition for Brexit in close collaboration with our customers. The team are also managing and approving artwork updates direct with UK retailers. ProPrint Group account managers liaise with customers proactively on a frequent basis. This helps with stock level checks and can identify opportunities to update for new print runs. It makes the whole process as efficient as possible.

Legal changes for labelling & packaging - examples

As a print provider, ProPrint Group cannot advise customers nor approve specific legal copy requirements for individual products. As a result, all producers should carefully check the legislation regarding their specific product. If necessary, seek advice.

Some examples of pack copy changes in readiness for Brexit involve:

• Health Mark

• Country of Origin

• Food business operator address

• Use of EU logos.

Full guidance on food and drink labelling requirements are available on the UK Government website. It is also possible to complete a full Brexit questionnaire that will identify any imminent legal changes which could apply to you, or to your business.

More information food labelling for Brexit is also available on the Food Standards Agency website.

For assistance in updating your labelling or packaging, get in touch with our team here.