Sharne Hunt & Amanda O'Brien continue to support UK growers throughout 2021...

2020 was unpredictable and saw a surge in Fresh Produce sales. As a result of the pandemic, people spent more time at home cooking from scratch and focussing on health and well-being. Printers and packaging suppliers had to be on top of their game to help meet retailer demand.

Undoubtedly, 2021 will present its own challenges, including the impact of Brexit. Our dedicated Fresh Produce team Sharne Hunt and Amanda O'Brien know we need to help growers react to market demands so that they never fall short. ProPrint Group customers know they can call to speak to the same reliable contacts who will work together “going above and beyond” to find a solution…


Name: Sharne Hunt

Role: Sales Manager - Fresh Produce

Sharne doesn’t look old enough, but the truth is that she has worked in the Fresh Produce sector for 19 years. As a result she offers experience across a range of packaging formats. Sharne and Amanda have been colleagues for 15 of those years. Therefore their partnership serving customers at ProPrint Group is about as efficient and well organised as it can get.

*Sharne Hunt pictured with Grower Phillip Busby

About Sharne...

Sharne’s print career started on the printing floor, as a fresh faced 18 year old operating a rewind machine. Sharne decided to stay in the industry and was inevitably promoted, demonstrating her strength in managing customer accounts.

That early experience in labelling production gave Sharne a detailed understanding of print as well as a sound technical background in self-adhesive label and film printing.

After many years working in labelling Sharne took on a role within punnet manufacturing. Here she attained a comprehensive understanding of packer production lines along with knowledge of the potential obstacles in packing Fresh Produce. Working to supply punnets to the industry also enabled Sharne to work closely with machine manufacturers. She understands the mechanics of packing lines and is adept at resolving packhouse issues.

"Fresh Produce is my passion - I know it inside out and back to front. The fast pace and different challenges we assist with every day mean that my job is never boring. The feeling I get helping a customer when they need it (and sometimes before they even know that they need it) gives me huge satisfaction and can be quite addictive."

Outside of work Sharne loves meeting friends, spending time with her family and walking her “pooches”. She is an exercise queen and loves to run, putting some of the other ProPrint Group team through their paces. She does admit that her main aim in running miles and miles is being able to eat the most amount of chocolate physically possible!


Name: Amanda O'Brien

Role: Account Manager - Fresh Produce

Amanda is an experienced Account Manager. She has worked within Fresh Produce for a number of years alongside Sharne, together they coordinate orders across Fresh Produce to ensure best efficiencies and value for our customers. Amanda's expertise covers complaint handling and resolution, stock management, print quoting, team building, supervision and training.

*Amanda O'Brien pictured with one of her rescue hens.

About Amanda...

Amanda began her career in graphic design for print, moving into a customer service role where she managed a team supporting print customers.

Working collaboratively with Sharne and our artwork management team, Amanda can access and source labels from our Retailer artwork library. The team keep all customers fully up to speed with label designs available. They communicate daily with our production team to manage clear prioritisation of work volume so that ProPrint continues to deliver orders with the best possible lead-times.

"ProPrint is so different from anywhere I've ever worked before for all the right reasons. Working in Fresh Produce is fast paced and unpredictable, I love it. The hard work and dedication we give to each and every one of our customers is because we enjoy it.  I've known many of our customers for a long time, so it's like working with friends and family every day. I cant imagine doing anything else."

Amanda is an avid animal lover, almost to the point of madness! She dedicates her free time to rescuing all manner of creatures great and small, including seagulls, dogs, chickens, rabbits, foxes, peacocks, you name it. Amanda volunteers as a wildlife transporter and for Fresh Start for Hens. She even managed a "cluck & collect" service for caged hens released during lockdown, re-homing 170 hens in one weekend alone!

If you would like support from our team to ensure you don't fall short this season, contact: