ProPrint Group has gained a fully automated line to handle waste with no stops

ProPrint Group has invested in a customised MatrixCompactor 200, installed in April 2021. The MatrixCompactor deals with waste handling from Press 5 and Press 6. In efforts to improve a heavy workload, a cooperation with Lundberg Tech formed. The MatrixCompactor 200 was the ideal solution in efforts to save energy as well as time when removing the matrix from production machines.


The MatrixCompactor is an all-in-one solution for the label industry due to the treated pipes inside the system. The result is that the adhesive material does not stick on the surfaces. Lundberg Tech has provided waste solutions since the 1980s, developing small and large scale premium solutions to customers all over the world.

In addition, benefits to ProPrint Group include:

  • Increase throughput - no need to stop to remove matrix rolls
  • Reduce material usage - fewer stops means less material waste 
  • Improve workplace environment - fewer heavy lifts and less waste in production area
  • Cut waste into smaller pieces - reduce the volume of waste

"“The addition of the Lundberg Tech System has helped us in implementing a fully automated line. We no longer have to stop the press to take off the large matrix reels. We can also run the press faster as we are not limited by the structure of the scrap reels. The team at Lundberg were on hand to get us up and running and were very helpful regarding the technical support.”"
- Bob Green, Operations Manager.

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