Customer Service has remained our key priority despite restrictions...


Like many businesses, we had to show elastic reactions in 2020. As we moved into 2021 both our team and our customers settled into new ways of working.

Continuing to manage the Coronavirus...

Keeping Covid-19 out of our site continued as a top priority, with the threat of staff sickness and downtime a significant risk to many businesses, particularly as restrictions relaxed. Our cleaning routines and procedures have remained rigorous and carefully managed throughout.


ProPrint Group achieved another AA BRC rating in 2021 despite the additional pressures of Covid-19, and we are so proud of our team for their professional and diligent approach.

We had to ensure that staff were supported continuously, maintain working bubble groups and train our team to ensure maximum flexibility of our workforce. This has enabled us to keep Covid-19 out of our sites and adjust quickly to minimise any threat.

Maintaining Communications...

Ensuring our team remained in close communication with our customers, through multiple channels including Microsoft Teams, Zoom as well as phone or email has been crucial.

Customer feedback from 2021 verified this, and again our remote and internal customer teams should be very pleased to have received excellent feedback on their unwavering levels of service, care, and effort.

The digital acceleration and culture change generated by the pandemic will undoubtedly have a positive effect for communication with customers and suppliers for the future, with more accessibility, and reduced CO2 as a result.

Moving forward...

We have some excellent achievements to look back on, such as a shortlisting for our first packaging award for our sustainable Linerless pack innovation.


Andy Clark from ProPrint with Jan Rees & Natalie Bell from Ravenwood Packaging

As other print suppliers may have been following the shock circumstances of 2020, ProPrint Group were tentative about the longer-term impacts of the pandemic on our industry. Nevertheless, we have seen excellent growth despite the uncertainty.

We also welcomed 224 new customers in equal balance across our Cartons, Linerless and Self-Adhesive departments, which grew our customer base by 29%.

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