Key challenges and expectations for 2022...


With only 3 days left of 2021, we have been looking at our predictions and hopes for the upcoming year.

Managing the Supply Chain...

Supply chain management has been a key focus for us this last quarter and whilst there is a push to train more UK based HGV drivers, with the impact of Brexit and the higher demand for materials owing in part to online shopping, we expect supply chain challenges for packaging materials to last further into 2022.


Since mid-2021, ProPrint took steps to mitigate the impact of those delays on our customers. We continue to communicate as far in advance as possible with customers on this issue and order material to ensure continuous supply.

Planning and obtaining forecasts is a priority to ensure orders are placed at the very earliest opportunity, meaning stocks of essential materials can be available when needed for the brands we supply.

Aiming for Sustainability...

Sustainability is undeniably THE hot topic, and with heightened public awareness and COP26 taking place, concern for the health of our planet has increased just as much as it has for our own. We expect to see more action and pragmatism from many printers and industry partners as we move into 2022, with use of new sustainable materials as well as CO2 reduction initiatives.


What is certainly clear as we aim for sustainability, is that all round holistic packaging solutions must be sought. Simplistic approaches such as the demonisation of plastic won't help. Designing sustainable packaging needs to account for all 3 pillars - including Economic, Social and Environmental factors - if not, it will be unlikely to make a positive improvement.

Continuous improvement...

We want to ensure our team is supported by our continuous investment in new machinery and technology. Making sure we have efficient presses with excellent colour ranges, speeds, inspection systems and finishing options, is fundamental. MIS to support workflow, up to speed rewind and finishing equipment must also follow suit.


As much as 80% of downtime in manufacturing environments can be caused by human error. Of course, maintaining a high level of system automation and ensuring staff are skilled translates to a high-quality product for our customer as well as supported, confident staff. In preparation for 2022, ProPrint Group have invested circa £4m across IT and Production to ensure our process is streamlined and driven by technology.

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