Linerless Labels investment means added capacity at ProPrint Group

Following a string of cross-group investments for 2022, ProPrint Group installed a new Ravenwood Com500 Coater in January.

A new advanced 10 colour Edale FL3 flexo press will also follow. This therefore brings total investment in ProPrint’s Linerless Labels division to over £1 million.

The move will significantly boost Linerless Labelling capacity, establishing ProPrint as a first-class Linerless Labels provider. Combined with a brand new site offering additional storage facilities, the Linerless machinery purchases mean ProPrint Group has an even stronger infrastructure to support customers.


Sales Director, Graham Bonus and Linerless Sales Manager, Andy Clark

Appetite for Linerless Labels...

The linerless market is on the rise. Appetite is increasing from companies that are becoming more aware of the sustainability and automation Linerless provides. With the known shortage of board within the industry, Linerless presents companies with a more cost effective and time efficient option, with less wastage. Since starting printing linerless labels in May 2019, ProPrint Group has taken on customers over a variety of sectors such as MFP, Fresh Produce and Confectionery.


Linerless labels are already a big hit within the MFP sectors. Many companies have already transitioned from standard sleeves to Linerless alternatives. Additionally, ProPrint Group launched the Pro-Produce Pack to reduce tonnes of plastic across the Fresh Produce sector. The Pro-Produce Pack linerless format is adaptable for a range of tray sizes.

Best in market Linerless lead times...

During the COVID pandemic ProPrint Group Linerless Labels division saw growth of 43%.

ProPrint Group customers benefited from next day delivery for urgent Linerless orders, for instance, companies who needed to manage the impact of packaging legislation changes. Fast lead times meant meat origin or factory code changes (a consequence of Brexit) were implemented quickly and efficiently.

As a result of fast delivery, customers were also able to accept uplifts and promotions from retailers.

Machinery Specifications and Suitability...

The Com500 is the only coating system devoted to manufacturing high-quality Ravenwood Linerless Labels. The coater is of a modular construction and applies silicone and hot-melt adhesive to pre-printed labels to produce a Linerless Label reel. 

For printing, ProPrint consider the Edale FL3 press the best label printer system and the ideal solution. The Edale FL3's autonomous inking impression and registration settings are storable in the HMI, making job recall and repeatability simple for the operator. Consequently this means less waste, less set-up time and lower rejects. 

In addition to Linerless, ProPrint Group offer: Self-Adhesive, Peel and Read, Digital and Retail Promo Labels, as well as Carton-Board Packaging. Top class customer service from the team at ProPrint coupled with careful stock management means customers experience a quality and efficient service.

ProPrint Group Linerless Sales Manager, Andy Clark, has worked in print for almost 20 years, successfully introducing many new Linerless users to the market. He works closely with the team at Ravenwood Packaging, seamlessly linking print and application processes. This ensures customers can apply Linerless solutions with utmost efficiency. 

With the new Com500 coater ProPrint Group can offer urgent lead times on Linerless Label orders due to increased speeds and longer run times.

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