Reeses combined product pack for Christmas, co-packed by ProPrint Group.

New Co-Packing Service can help cut cost, risk and carbon footprint... 

ProPrint Group’s core ethos is about meeting and exceeding customer needs, providing prompt solutions with minimum fuss. When a global customer expressed a need to outsource packing volumes for a critical project, our directors agreed it was time to diversify. ProPrint Group would respond to demand for an improved end-to-end process with a new Contract Packing service.

ProPrint Group packed 430,000 skillets in 11 weeks for the confectionery customer. These were delivered in advance of the deadline and with zero price changes or alterations. 

Consistent quality and better efficiency...

ProPrint Group have built a dedicated, contained, temperature-controlled packing area at Faraday close. This places the facility within less than a mile of both other ProPrint Group sites. The packing floor is hygienically managed including microbiological swabbing. Boxes can be packed using the latest Semi-Automatic Skillet Erector which has full batch code capability.

Quality is very carefully controlled from print, through packing and to delivery, which can lead to a reduction in waste. Companies can place their order with the peace of mind of ProPrint Group’s excellent service levels, knowing that an exceptional customer team will work with them right from print order until the finished product arrives at its destination.

The first Co-Packing project took place in July 2022, following a full distributor audit from the global partner. Quality Manager Samantha Denny said: 

“We were extremely pleased to receive a score of 100% for the distributor audit by our global customer, with zero corrective or preventive actions required.” 

Founder Nigel Tollman explains...

“Contract packing is a logical step for us to provide a clean, reliable value chain for customers. Combining printing and packing in-house at ProPrint Group offers customers a commercial saving and drastically reduces lead-times. It breaks down siloes – removing hand-offs from one supplier to the next. An attractive benefit is the carbon footprint reduction due to the elimination of an unnecessary transport stage. Not only is the solution more efficient and more cost-effective, but it is also more environmentally friendly too.  

Loyalty and relationships are the heart of what we do at ProPrint Group, whether we are working with big or small companies. Many of our customers have grown with us over the years, and one of the great things about co-packing is that both large and fledgling businesses can use the service to avoid added machinery costs whilst fulfilling their own growth opportunities.” 

Best lead-times from start to finish...

Joshua Purnell, Cartons Sales Manager added: “Customers are now able to quickly outsource additional packing with the agility and flexibility to match their own order demands. Thanks to the efforts of our team, we are working together on further projects and look forward to extending the option to complement our cartons service in the future.” 

The move follows a £4.5m investment package in 2022. ProPrint Group announced the opening of a new 33,000 sq. ft. site and a range of new installations including: 2 brand new Flexo presses, Automatic Rewinder, SCREEN’s latest digital Truepress Jet plus Digicon Series 3 for the Self-Adhesive division; a 2nd Ravenwood Com 500 coater to expand their growing Linerless department as well as a £1.8 million spend on a state-of-the-art Komori G40 Lithrone press for the expansion of the ProPrint Group Cartons division.

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