ProPrint Group step up secure packaging and labelling to safeguard products amid soaring store theft...

ProPrint Group secure packaging and labelling is helping retailers and brands amidst growing escalation of retail theft since the pandemic. 

The Home Office and BRC estimate the number of retail crime cases to be almost 8 million per year. UK supermarket COOP saw almost 1000 crime related incidents each day in the first 6 months of 2023. The total retail theft value for 2023 was forecast at approx £7.9bn in research by Thruvision and Retail Economics. 

Further figures from the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) Crime Report also demonstrate the rise. They recorded over 1.1m theft incidents over the last year, with two thirds of people committing theft being repeat offenders. 

The research showed that products most at risk of theft are high-value meat, alcohol and confectionery, and these incidents are creating significant losses.

Custom Secure Packaging & Labelling using RF Technology 

Owing to this building issue facing retailers & producers, ProPrint Group has been working closely with anti-shrink specialist ALL-TAG.

ALL-TAG are one of the world’s largest EAS Label manufacturers, based Stockport UK, with global head office in Boca Raton, Florida. ALL-TAG have been in operation since 1992, with further offices in the UK, Mexico and Hong Kong. They provide a complete range of anti-shrink solutions to retailers and their supply chain across the world. 

Now, in partnership, ProPrint Group and ALL-TAG are providing secure solutions across a range of packaging and label formats. By using the combined technologies, brands and retailers can source a fully prepared secure carton or label, ready for use to protect products from store theft.  

For retailers and producers, this solution eliminates separate RF tagging which can be time-consuming, inefficient and require added labour. With ready-to-pack solutions from ProPrint and ALL-TAG there are NO reductions in KPI’s such as line speed and application. The pack or label can go straight to production, without changes or added costs to the existing packing process. 

Importantly, a secure carton or label with built-in RF Tag reduces waste incurred by a separate tagging process. 

ProPrint Group can supply a variety of packaging and label constructions, supported by All-Tag’s wide range of RF Security Tag sizes, for different product applications. 

To find out more about secure packaging or labelling solutions from ProPrint Group and ALL-TAG, get in touch.