Sustainable Linerless pack takes centre stage for Red Kiwi on Valentine's Day...

A rare, healthy Valentine's treat...

Chingford Fruit have launched a Red Passion™ Kiwi in a Sustainable Linerless pack for Valentine’s Day. The Red Kiwi offers antioxidants, a softer outer skin, sweet berry taste and a wow-factor when cut. Not only this, it is merchandised in eco-friendly, plastic-free, fully recyclable packaging.

Chingford Fruit selected the fibre-based Linerless packaging for its environmental credentials, particularly as the finished tray and lid are both 100% recyclable at the kerbside. The fruit is packed using a proven, highly automated packing process designed by Ravenwood Packaging. Their Linerless application system enables fast, efficient production, a print to order approach and minimised waste.

ProPrint Sustainable Linerless Pack for Exclusive Sainsbury's Red Kiwi
A reliable sustainable print solution

ProPrint Group were the trusted printer for the project, particularly to meet the tight deadline requirement for the hero product. Additionally, ProPrint printed the well-received “Taste the Difference” Gold Kiwi packs that delivered strong sales for Sainsbury’s.

Importantly, ProPrint Group’s accomplished understanding of Ravenwood’s system meant they supplied both trays and lids for the complete Fresh Produce solution.

Commenting on the exciting NPD launch, Rob Williams of Chingford Fruit said: 

"We hope this exciting launch will be well received to further enhance and add interest into the Kiwi category. Part of the success of the project was the collaboration between all the key stakeholders." 

The project comfortably met the deadline, despite the challenge of a fast-approaching Valentine’s Day. Chingford Fruit, alongside ProPrint Studio and production teams, worked successfully as a team to achieve the launch. The attractive, sustainable Linerless solution is stocked now and will definitely offer something different for everyone to enjoy for Valentines 2024.

What’s not to love?

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