Example of the new Jubel beer's retail carton for an 8-pack of 4 beers cut with fruit: Blood Orange, Elderflower, Lemon and Grapefruit.

ProPrint Group Cartons support Jubel's Dangerously Refreshing Mixed Retail Pack launch at Tesco... 

Jubel Co-Founder Jesse Wilson discovered a beer secret in an Après-ski bar and brought the tradition of demi-peche back to the UK by developing his own beer cut with Peach. Since then, the brand has seen excellent growth marketing their gluten-free, vegan-friendly craft lagers cut with fruit.

February 2024 saw Jubel expand even further within Tesco, owing to the launch of new 3 products. This included "Blood Orange 330ml singles" and Jubel’s mystery new beer.  This mystery beer was later announced as beer cut with Lemon after the company took to social media to ask what customers were really looking for.

Retail carton for Jubel Beer 8-pack, including 4 flavours of beer cut with fruit - front view.
The Retail Carton Packaging brief...

A new mixed 8-pack was the 3rd key offering for the launch. It features Jubel’s core range of Peach, Grapefruit, Elderflower and Blood Orange beers.

Jubel decided to partner with ProPrint Group due to their position as a rapid, trusted and Tesco approved printer. The brief was to construct and print a taped retail-ready carton-board 8-pack for the 4 core beer variants.

The high-profile NPD range launch would more than double Jubel’s distribution in Tesco. Therefore, delivering the retail cartons on time and standard was absolutely imperative. The critical packaging requirement was to provide strength and protection, with zero compromise on a premium quality printed finish.

Retail carton for Jubel Beer 8-pack, including 4 flavours of beer cut with fruit - top view.
Trustworthy packaging performance and quality...

Collaborating closely with Jubel, ProPrint Group cartons set to work designing a structurally sound, tape strip perforated 8-box. Our experienced carton-board engineering team rapidly prototyped and tested Jubel’s box vision, including recommending and sampling proper materials. For diligence, digital mock ups were also supplied to check the accurate representation of what the finished design would look like prior to mass production.

ProPrint Group’s ultramodern Komori GL640 Advance press was the perfect choice to bring Jubel’s vision to life. The £1.8m press delivers exceptional colour reproduction and versatility.

With this technology, the experienced Litho team delivered the intricacy and colour vibrance essential to capturing the essence of Jubel’s range.

Jubel commented on their experience working with the ProPrint Group team on the important launch:

“ProPrint Group provided an excellent service, demonstrating a clear understanding of the brief from the start of the project and working quickly to develop an initial prototype. They worked with us to perfect the style of the box over a few rounds of amendments, and were able to create a final box with a high quality print finish that we're proud to have as a representation of our brand on supermarket shelves.” 

The dangerously refreshing range is in-store now, so head to the Beerfinder on Jubel's website here to find your nearest stockist.