Premium, easily recyclable Linerless pack boosts Zespri Own Brand Gold Kiwi awareness at Tesco... 

As retailer approved packaging printer, we are proud to be part of an innovative shift by Tesco with the introduction of own brand Zespri Sun Gold kiwi fruit packs. The Zespri product and packaging launch aims to enhance consumer awareness and boost the penetration of the Golden Kiwi variety.

A recyclable Linerless Pack for positive awareness...

At Proprint Group we are excited to see our packaging solutions play a key role in bringing new products and brands to life. This project was a shining example of collaborative success. It shows how excellent teamwork from printers, brands and retailers can very quickly bring a sustainable and delicious product and recyclable pack solution to market. Take a look and try for yourself by clicking here.

ProPrint Sustainable Linerless Pack for Exclusive Sainsbury's Red Kiwi
Packaging fit for a new product campaign...

Alongside the recognisably recyclable pack, Zespri is rolling out a campaign with the tagline ‘Taste the Obsession’. The campaign highlights the passion and dedication of the growers behind the brand. Its aim is to urge media, influencers, and consumers to experience and share their own ‘taste obsessions’ with SunGold kiwifruit.  

Susan Barrow Dodd, Zespri’s market manager for the UK and Ireland, emphasised the importance of this transition:

“We are making strides in increasing kiwifruit consumption in the UK, but there's still room for growth compared to the rest of Europe. This shift to the Zespri SunGold brand is a significant step towards deeper consumer connections and higher kiwi consumption.” 

Throughout summer, Zespri will implement various trade marketing activities to promote the newly branded packs. This includes online banners, radio advertising, consumer sampling, and broader trade media outreach, all aimed at increasing visibility of the Gold Kiwi and it’s packaging.  

Olivia Kirkwood, Tesco’s exotic fruit buyer, expressed her enthusiasm:

“Kiwis are growing in popularity with our customers, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Zespri to offer this sweet gold variety in a fully recyclable pack.” 

At Proprint Group, we were honoured to contribute to this exciting development. Importantly, our printed Linerless pack not only meets functional and recyclability needs, but, importantly, enhances the overall consumer experience. 

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