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Reduce pack waste


So what exactly is linerless labelling?

Linerless labels are supplied as a continuous printed reel of adhesive label material, which is cut and applied to packaging using purpose-built applicators.
A silicone strip is applied to the top of the printed label reel, enabling it to release.
The result? No backing paper is required, reducing waste to landfill.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduces approximately 30% of packaging waste to landfill

Cost Effective

Costs saved on overall material used compared to self-adhesive labels

Faster Label Application

Increased speeds on the production line = longer runs & less downtime


Decreased shipping and storage costs, also reducing carbon footprint

Lower Cost Solution

Provides a cost effective alternative to cardboard sleeves

Safer, Tidier Application

No silicone backing paper waste to remove from the production floor









How we print and make linerless labels...

ProPrint is one of only 3 printers in the UK trusted and approved to print linerless labels in collaboration with Ravenwood Packaging.

ProPrint use approved linerless materials which have been tried and tested, printing a range of available finishes. This team approach ensures faultless label application, for a complete linerless solution.

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