Clear printed product labels can create beautiful and minimalistic designs. ProPrint Group offers a variety of clear substrates, including a “clear on clear” label material. We can advise on suitable adhesives and liners too, meaning clean application and suitability for purpose. 

Our team can also achieve a strong printed white in both flexographic and digital print. As a result, we offer a high quality finish for decal designs and patterns over transparent labels.

Key Options & Features

Order quantity

Order clear printed labels in any quantity from 5000 upwards.

Standard Lead time: 5 days

Our standard self-adhesive label lead-time (for main product labels) is 5 days. If labels are required more urgently, our team can advise on timings for your particular label design and finish.

Fast Track Delivery Option

For urgent projects speak to a member of our team to discuss how we can fast track print to meet your packaging deadline. Depending on pack or label requirements, same day delivery may be possible.

Flexo printing

UV HD 10 Colour flexographic printing with automated registration and "Uniprint" printheads, ensuring consistent high quality print.

Digital Printing

High quality digital inkjet printing with hybrid flexo options, featuring highly durable scratch resistant inks, high opacity white and inline finishing options.

Varnish Options

A variety of varnish options can be requested across labels, linerless or carton-board packs, including matt, gloss, satin, as well as spot varnish or even soft touch varnish.

Sustainable Label Options

A range of label materials are available which have an improved carbon performance and mitigate climate change through lower water and energy consumption.

Wash Off Label Material

Wash-off label materials are available. Wash-off label materials can support plastic recycling, and do not need to be removed for the purpose of the PET recycling process.

Multi-Layer Label Options

A range of multi-layer label options are available, such as peel & reveal, peel and reseal or piggy back labels. Multi-layer labels can fit more product information or languages onto your product.

Peelable Label Options

Peelable adhesives are available for different substrates for label removal from containers without a residue. This can improve recyclability and also allow for repositioning to reduce wasted labels.

Label Foiling

Enhance your premium label design by selecting from a wide range of foils. Labels can be foiled using either traditional cold foiling or even digital foiling (requiring no tooling)

Tamper Evident Formats

Many tamper evident options are available for label cutter design, and also for printed boxes. Our team can help you design cutters accordingly to suit your product.

Retailer Approved

ProPrint Group are an approved printer for UK retailers, following the required guidelines, processes and approvals for printed labels, boxes and sleeves..