Linerless skin pack full wrap protruding labels are suitable for vacuum pack skin trays, which are extremely efficient for securing food products in place even when protruding. A full linerless protruding wrap offers attractive, clean presentation, even after transportation and handling. The skin wrap pack enables products to display vertically on shelf whilst minimising leaking of fluids. Linerless skin protruding labels allow for excellent product visibility, so are great for meat or fish packaging.

Key Options & Features

Standard Lead Time: 2-5 weeks

Our standard Linerless label print lead time is from 2-5 weeks, however for urgent projects, fast-track linerless label printing is also available by speaking to a member of our team.

Fast Track Delivery Option

For urgent projects speak to a member of our team to discuss how we can fast track print to meet your packaging deadline. Depending on pack or label requirements, same day delivery may be possible.

Sustainable, No label backing waste

Linerless labels are coated with a silicone strip so that no backing paper is required. Silicone paper waste to landfill is eliminated, making linerless labels a far more sustainable labelling option.

Less Downtime

Linerless labels offer more labels per reel than self-adhesive labels. More linerless labels per reel means less changeovers and so less downtime.

Faster Application

Linerless labels are not only sustainable, but the application process is highly automated, offering speeds of up to 180 packs per minute.

Approved Linerless Materials

All materials are approved for linerless application meaning problem-free packing. Paper substrate is available in a range of weights from 170gsm. Polypropelene labels are also available.

Approved Linerless Varnishes

We offer a matt, satin or gloss varnish finish for linerless labels. A testing process ensures that all varnishes used for linerless labelling have been trialled for application, and approved for use.

Flexo printing

UV HD 10 Colour flexographic printing with automated registration and "Uniprint" printheads, ensuring consistent high quality print.

Label Foiling

Enhance your premium label design by selecting from a wide range of foils. Labels can be foiled using either traditional cold foiling or even digital foiling (requiring no tooling)

Bespoke Linerless Formats

Collaborate with our packaging engineering team to print bespoke linerless labels for your product. Linerless cutters can be adapted to create tailor made pack formats.