ProPrint Group can draw up and provide unprinted pack or label samples. We can also recommend materials to help keep products secure. Following approval of a pack or label drawing, we will deliver laser cut samples for test and review. Use a blank unprinted sample to test each stage of the packaging development process to stay in control of the final result. Check blank unprinted samples for fit, design, production, packing or transit trials.


Key Options & Features

Order Quantity

Order 3 unprinted label or packaging samples. Speak to our team if larger quantities are required for production trials.

Samples Lead Time

Our standard packaging prototype or mock-up lead-time is 5 days. If packaging samples or mock-ups are required more urgently, our team can advise on timings for your requirement.

Fast Track Delivery Option

For urgent projects speak to a member of our team to discuss how we can fast track print to meet your packaging deadline. Depending on pack or label requirements, same day delivery may be possible.

Bespoke Carton Formats

Brief the ProPrint Group team to create a cartonboard pack to fit your product(s) or adapt an existing pack. We can provide solutions for pack construction, gluing and closures.

Bespoke Label Formats

Print a label of any shape with or without apertures. Various label constructions can incorporate designs, tamper evidence and multi-layer label options.

Sustainable Packaging Options

Recycled boards are available as well as a range of boards that are part of the Carbon Capture scheme in collaboration with the Woodland Trust. This offsets carbon emissions by replanting UK woodland.


Choose from a selection of materials and rely on our BRC certification to develop packaging suitable for direct food contact

Freezer or Grease proof packs

Choose from a range of packaging materials for many product types, including deep freeze or greaseproof, to ensure the final packaging is fully fit for purpose and presentable.

Peelable Label Options

Peelable adhesives are available for different substrates for label removal from containers without a residue. This can improve recyclability and also allow for repositioning to reduce wasted labels.

FSC Approved Materials

Our FSC certification means we are audited by the Forest Stewardship Council on a yearly basis, helping to ensure responsible management of the world's forests.

Retailer Approved

ProPrint Group are an approved printer for UK retailers, following the required guidelines, processes and approvals for printed labels, boxes and sleeves..

Tamper Evident Formats

Many tamper evident options are available for label cutter design, and also for printed boxes. Our team can help you design cutters accordingly to suit your product.

Pack Window Patch or Aperture

Get the ProPrint Group team to design your packaging cutter to incorporate a window or aperture to display your products.