Drinks packaging offers printers a separate set of challenges. ProPrint have worked closely with both soft drinks and alcoholic drinks customers to understand their needs.

We can advise on materials suitable for a variety of different label applications, such as beer labels, wine labels or juice labels. We can get the right specification for drinks labels for cartons, cans, for glass or plastic bottles.

There has also been a strong demand in the market for fresh fruit and vegetable juices with extended shelf lives.
As a result ProPrint have become well versed in production processes such as HPP. Consequently we can recommend the best materials to ensure juice bottle labels are completely suitable for purpose. This avoids any costly replacements or unnecessary updates to packaging.

We are highly experienced in engineering outer drinks packaging cartons and carriers, which can suit bottles of any shape. This includes presentation boxes for miniature spirits, to beer carry boxes or whisky boxes. A selection of sustainable solutions is also available.