Printed packaging mock-ups are the best way to bring your product concept to life. Review just a few samples before committing to a costly mass print production. ProPrint can provide from one single pack prototype, to a number of printed mock-ups across a range of designs. Personalised labels and print are available too if you want to make an extra impact.

Clients use our mock-ups for a variety of purposes, such as: demonstrating product concepts to buyers, checking design implementations and planning merchandising. Packaging prototypes are useful for market research and pack testing as well as to assess how well a new product will fit into an existing range.

Lead-times are usually less than 1 week depending on the requirement. If you have a particularly important meeting or emergency, our team will do all they can to help.

A variety of packaging types are available, from sheeted labels, labels on a reel, printed boxes, sleeves, neck collars, point of sale through to signage. Take a look at our full product range for inspiration...

Purchase custom printed packaging and labelling with confidence

Order promotional labels for next day delivery as well as product labels and carton-board packaging with a standard lead-time of 10 working days